Announcing “Music Looks Awesome”: New Visuals for your Jams

A few weeks ago we updated our ‘jam creation flow, breaking it up from one screen to a few. Naturally, some of you asked why we did this! Besides laying groundwork for the feature we’re announcing today, it was inspired by:

• What we observed when people posted jams: they would quickly scan the screen, looking for the ‘post’ button and hit it. Usually without noticing they could edit the song name and title, add imagery, or write a caption – the bits that help describe why this jam is, well, yours.

• We believe that music, and music culture looks awesome – and that it should look especially awesome on Jam, the home for your current favorite song; your music identity right now. Musical identity is important to all of us who make and use Jam, and Jam is a place where all the bits of music culture that make up identity can live together. Audio, video, visuals, writing, conversation… a bit like the deliciousness of pouring over a music collection with a friend IRL. 

So, breaking up the jam flow allows people to focus on one thing at a time – resulting not only in better information (like correct song and artist names) but richer curation of commentary and imagery.

Today we’re launching the final piece of the new jam creation flow with custom backgrounds based on your jam image:


You can refresh the way your background looks by clicking on the thumbnails. Or, change the jam image (by pasting in a link or uploading an image) and a whole new set of backgrounds will be generated. 

Of course, you still have total control over how your jam image and background looks before posting via the ‘more style controls’ option.

In a world that’s increasingly dominated by frictionless sharing, we’re adding more friction. We believe that slow music is good music and that your favorite song deserves a bit more time and attention than something you might say on Twitter or Facebook for instance. Music has its own pace.

What do you think? Let us know here or send an email to with your thoughts (and any bug reports!)

Han (& Team Jam)

PS. For those of you interested in the design and tech involved in the backgrounds themselves, check out this follow-up post :)

PPS. Props to Christian Holmér for his ace photo that we’re using in the thumbnails.

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