All Your Jams Light up the Song Graph

It started with a request many of you have emailed us about – wanting to browse all the jams someone has posted.

Today, you can! Check out your own, or some of our favorites like garage_xplosion’s fuzzed-out guitars, ChampagneMami’s sizzling RnB party, or sarahbadr’s up-and-coming electronics.


Now these aren’t simply jams anymore – they’re history – and with that history there’s too much rich cultural context to not take this one step further…

Introducing songs


All the ‘song badges’ on your history screen link through to song screens. These are something of a club – a place where you can see and get to know everyone who loves that song. This was another frequent request: “how do I see the other people who are into the music I like?”


Beyond connecting you to other people with song screens, we also wanted to make them a conduit for the flavor of the song – like a home for that song, wrapped in all the emotional cultural context that Jam is full of. Compare Taylor Swift’s recent “Shake It Off” with the soon-to-be-big Silk Rhodes’ first release on Stones Throw, “Pains”.

While sifting through the half-million best songs of all time, we couldn’t help noticing that our top tracks data is different than other music services, so we threw together some fledgling artist pages at the last minute. Check out the best DrakeFleetwood Mac or Caribou.


The Song Graph

So why are these songs so special? For the last two years, we’ve been collecting very special, notable data on songs. A jam isn’t just any song – it’s the one you love, so that piece of data is “worth” more. When we looked at this pile of data, the best songs of all time, it ended up being about half a million songs. In online music, that’s not a very large catalogue, but Jam is about quality, not quantity.

There’s a lot of music out there and when we talk to people about it, they are often overwhelmed for choice. We’re trying to cut through that with the song graph. Our small-but-all-hits catalogue is a bit like Top 40 radio, but personalized and reimagined for today. And we do it all with one simple question: “what’s your favorite song right now?”

– Han

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